Why Grow Up?

Adnan Morbiwala
2 min readNov 27, 2023


Growing up is a choice, I know you are thinking “what nonsense” but read on and let me know if I make any sense.

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Of all the concepts that I have encountered, Adulting and Growing Up are two things which I find have a very thin line in between and one often gets confused as being the other (100 Points for guessing which one I am talking about)

I am a regular guy who just does his thing and goes home. But, on more occasions than I can care to remember, I have been reprimanded by those close to me for apparently not growing up.

I seem to not take things that others do too seriously, and I tend to spend my time doing things that pretty much appeal to me.

You are probably wondering what those things are, will get to it in a bit, but adulting is not the same thing as growing up.

I adult, which means I pay the bills, I work, I meet my responsibilities.

But I can choose not to grow up, I can not take things others say seriously, I can stay curious enough to spend my time doing things that other “Grown-Ups” would not do. That does not make me irresponsible.

Oh yeah, also I can laugh at stupid things and share memes too!

It doesn’t matter whether my clients see them and no it does not affect the sense of propriety in any way.

I think understanding the difference between these two makes me more mature than the “Johny do goods” who need to think twice before smiling just in case the impression that they are trying to put out gets affected.

The choice of not growing up has helped me avoid the shell.

That fucking shell, the one that would not allow me to be my most authentic self.

The one that would make me present a personality that would suit others more than myself.

The one that most “Grown Ups” live within.

However, choosing not to grow up does not mean you don't adult.

As long as one knows the difference, Why Grow Up?



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