People will lose faith in you, Stand your ground.

Adnan Morbiwala
3 min readJan 19, 2022


This is the reason 90% of ideas do not come to fruition.

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Every journey in entrepreneurship starts off with an idea. Actually everything man-made around you right now was first just an idea.

The people who built great things dwelled upon it and dwelled upon it and worked on it and worked on it with unwavering desire and faith in order to make it come to life ( This includes the toilet seat, which I think is one of the greatest inventions ever)

The unfortunate truth is, there are a lot many ideas and things which could have been invented so far, but didn’t, because the inventors and thinkers lost faith in those ideas.

And that is the sad truth, We tend to lose faith in our ideas way too soon.

Here is my personal experience.

It has been a few years since I stumbled upon recordings by Earl Nightingale which talk about people not thinking. He in the 1950’s addressed this subject when he said people have stopped thinking intentionally, and they really need to start.

And because that is somehow ingrained in my head, I tend to think a lot and come up with a lot of ideas. 99.99% of the ideas that I have come up with are total nonsense but I do not need all my ideas to be great, shit ideas are better than no ideas.

So that process is what led me to create my own companies, not conform and stick to my guns which eventually worked for me.

But there has not been a single day, where I have not felt isolated or lonely, because slowly but surely, most of the people around me distanced themselves from me.

What happens with ideas is this:

We get excited about an idea

We tell people about the idea and get them excited for ourselves

Then we get working on the idea, and people on the outside cannot see or understand what we are trying to do.

They slowly start losing patience

Then they start losing faith

Then they give up on you

Then you give up on yourself

And then you give up on the idea that you could’ve made it work.

I used to do that a lot, until one day I started asking myself whether I have actually worked on my own ideas.

I started pondering about whether I had been smart enough to have broken it down into more achievable goals.

Had I taken that big idea and then started to take measurable steps towards getting it done.

Had I in fact learned and researched everything I possibly could before giving up on it?

The answer I found shocked me and I can say it with one word… NO.

So when I thought about Ting Tong, my agency, as being one which helps brands with cross over campaigns that integrates, CSR, Videos, Online Campaigns, Offline Campaigns and creating IP’S all into one package, everyone thought I was stupid. Everyone probably still thinks I am stupid, but I held on.

And that is what has got me to the precipice of soon being ready to launch a platform that will help small brands penetrate pockets of users and increase product adoption rapidly.

If you run a D2C brand and are wondering how you can bypass the Instagram and other platforms' conventional grind, and are looking to do something different, drop me a line.

We’ll make it worth it.

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