It’s all about the long game.

Adnan Morbiwala
4 min readJan 13, 2022


A lesson to be learned from Gurus and Success Entrepreneurs.


While growing up, we all heard the story about the tortoise and hare. They have a race and the hare by nature bursts forward leaving the tortoise behind.

The tortoise on the other hand is moving at its own pace, not bothering about where the hare went.

As they progress, the unavoidable happens, the hare gets tired and falls asleep and the tortoise eventually surpasses the hare to win the race.

We grew up to the idea slow and steady wins the race.

Yet that somehow has gotten lost, so lost, that we suffer more burnouts now than ever before.

We have failed as a people if that is the case.

We do not see the joy in the effort anymore, it is about gratification. We can’t stand to delay it.

Unfortunately, Instant gratification and virality seem to be the mantra of the day thanks to the rubbish peddled by so-called “gurus” and “influencers”.

And they are thriving because they have somehow managed to gain an influence before their stupidity started getting called out.

We live in an age where if I log into youtube to listen to music or watch a video, I am first subjected to a guy who stands in front of a car that probably isn't his, telling the world how he's made millions and has designed a course to help them do the same by listening to them for 4 hours.

All this while selling the course for 500 bucks. (This in Indian Rupees)

I wonder if they ever thought about that being the value they associate to what they “know”.

I log on to Instagram and I see a post with a guy fucking around on his phone when eating lunch, wearing a bright suit with well-gelled hair, encouraging others to constantly be working. Because working constantly got him to Instagram and be photographed eating a bowl of noodles in a bright suit with gelled hair.

I wonder if he realized that he’d get a lot more work done if he didn’t spend as much time on Instagram.

This hustle culture is what has created a widely accepted mirage that people consider as being an opportunity to get where they want to go super fast and it is something that they strive toward, and when they do not get it, it leads to frustration and…any guesses?


We are currently following hare culture.

I call instant gratification and virality a mirage because it doesn't exist.

In order to win at anything, you need to put in an effort. Not all together, but slowly and steadily.

First, you roll, then you crawl, then you stand, you walk and then you run.

And, you must enjoy the process, because that is what builds the foundation and helps you get your A-Game going and become strong enough to wither any storm.

You need to be better than the best to be a champion and that is definitely not something that following a so-called Guru who charges you 7 $ is going to get you.

We discount small wins and chase after events, which in this case would be winning the race.

I was reading a book by MJ Demarco, and it becomes so evident, that the concept of putting in an effort is not as prominent as the rewards of that effort.

Everyone is chasing after the event, which can be reached only if you put in the effort, a process that takes time and has its own pace, but something that can make you unstoppable.

The more reps you put in the more muscle you build.

Think about it like this, when you start out at the gym, you do not build a physique or a figure in one day. You put in the constant effort and you start feeling stronger and stronger each day.

The same applies to your endeavors. Go through the process, see what you need to do, single out the most important items. Dwell, think, assess, work on them every day.

Making a page on Instagram with a great logo with nothing to back you up will I can guarantee get you nowhere.

Dream, and then work on that dream.

I’ll leave you with this video to end this article with a chuckle by comedian Trevor Wallace.

(btw when I just accessed this link, the guy who made millions was on again)

Don’t fall for all this and focus on yourself, because good things come to those who deserve, and you deserve only when you do the work.



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