I revisited ‘The Secret’ and here is what I realized.

Adnan Morbiwala
5 min readJan 18, 2023

If you believe in the Law of Attraction as I do, read on.

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I first stumbled upon the secret as a book years ago and like millions of others, I was hooked.

Like everyone else, I really was intuned to the idea, that there is a higher power that works for you and helps you achieve what you really want.

I tried to apply the secret for years and years, and kept referring to their Instagram accounts and signed up to the forum and etc etc.

And I was amazed at what happened.

Nothing. Nothing literally happened.

Might sound stupid, but it is true and I couldn’t figure out why, I guessed I was probably doing something wrong because there were tons of others raving about positivity, etc and I’m sitting there thinking,” hmm, what am I missing?”

I forgot about it for a while and got on with life. I started actually working on my goals twice as hard and stopped fucking around too much with the vision boards and visualizing and spending time listening and reading about others doing the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in the Law of Attraction, just bear with me and read on for a bit.

Years later, that is last week, I revisited ‘The Secret’ in an audiobook format, and here is what I realized:

It is a cesspit of toxic positivity, which tends to mislead people.

They have exploited the aspirations of people and spun that around into a concept, that makes people believe, that anything is possible as long as they close their eyes and imagine already having it. I mean what the fuck are you talking about.

They forgot to add the fact, that you have to work to get what you want. Rather than telling people, that what you get is the compounded effect of consistent effort towards a certain direction, they blatantly ask you to imagine checks in the mail and even had a blank check on their forum which you could download and gawk at like an asshole each night. (Might sound like I did it, but I didn’t download it, that was actually my first red flag at that point)

They literally play on the concept of Virality, when Jack Canfield, rather than speaking about what led to the moment and the struggles he faced when writing chicken soup for the soul or the experiences he learned from, says,” oh you know, I wrote a book, and I thought what if I can sell 400000 copies of the book and I saw the national enquirer and suddenly this freelancer from the national enquirer met me and boom, I made 90000 something USD that year.” All this may be true, but he packaged what should've been a journey into something which we are very aware people aspire to nowadays…Virality. Which is a dumb concept, to begin with.

Then in comes, Rhonda Byrne again saying,” As I get out of bed, I put one foot on the floor and say thank and put the other one on the floor and say you. And then I thank my stars as I walk to the bathroom and I feeeeeel it on every level of my being.” Being grateful is good, but it's impossible to always feel that, there needs to be some room given to your emotions and feelings to fade out naturally, you can't force feeeeeeeeeeeling good on every fiber of your body.

There’s this other guy who comes on, I don't even remember his name, who goes,” Always Always Always focus on the end result”. Here's a question, how the fuck do you get to the end result, telepathy?

Over the years that I actually got practical and evolved from being young and stupid, I realized these guys and all the other self-help gurus have literally made a business out of exploiting people's insecurities and charging them money to make them believe they can think their life into happiness and I am glad I am a little older and wiser to be able to call them out.

I still believe the mind is the most powerful weapon that one can use to create their own world, but only if used constructively.

Constructively by visualizing the process involved in getting what you want, the steps you need to take, and the learning you need to arm yourself with.

What these idiots have done is dumb down an entire race of people into using their minds in a non-constructive toxic manner that is detrimental to every level of their being when they do not get what they want.

I feel books like these and people like these are the biggest contributors to the over-deteriorating mental health concerns of millions of their gullible followers.

When I started being present and focusing on the work at hand and visualizing the process involved, I started to identify what I need to do to get where I want to go without worrying about whether I will get there.

Magic started happening. Since I started doing that, I split from my co-directors and have gone on to start my own agency in Ting Tong and also launched my own product sampling platform in Brandybuck.(Yes I have added links to show you what I built :D, from where you are reading I doubt I’d be able to sell you anything)

I started being able to identify things that matter and do the things that matter. I built plans, plans that help me deal with shit the way it is supposed to be dealt with.

I wake up feeling good that I have my mind right, and I am able to set small achievable goals for myself each week, goals that actually step by step move me forward toward where I need to be.

I have started actually researching and learning what I need to learn, which is again fuelled by visualizing the process, helping me evolve as a person.

I actually found way more value in listening to people such as Earl Nightingale and Neville Goddard. Earl Nightingale especially, there was a man who spoke sense.

If you would actually like to explore more about how you can use your mind constructively, check out things like The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale, which will give you some better insight. It is on Youtube or on Scribd too.

If using the Secret has worked for you Kudos, I mean good for you, BUT, that is thanks to you, and there is no one on earth that can convince me the people who built and marketed that enterprise had anything to do with it. Give yourself some more credit.

I don't mean to offend anyone who is trying really hard and think of this as the medium to help themselves, all I am trying to do is put forth my personal experience and probably jolt them out of depending on this shit too much, with the hope that you find your way and all the Health, Happiness and Wealth imaginable to you.

Let me know what you guys think.



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