Do you know who you are?

Adnan Morbiwala
5 min readSep 17, 2020

It does not matter whether you are an entrepreneur or not. We are all unique and this post is more about understanding what makes us unique and who we are.

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As human beings, we are faced with varied experiences in life. Some are good, some are bad, some make us angry and many of them make us sad.

Now we have all come across many posts about the Law of Attraction and Mindset, and while few are total bullshit, there is a certain science behind the concepts.

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We more often than not go through life reacting to these situations more than creating them.

We get caught up in responding to situations without ever really finding out who we are.

The problem is that when we are born, and our conscious minds are not developed, there is a direct path to our subconscious minds which pulls everything that is being spoken around us, everything which we come across and end up creating a paradigm.

By the time our conscious mind develops and we are able to make sense of anything, we already have within us set paradigms which help us paint a picture about how the world is, but that is based on the impressions of others, we do not really develop the same through our experiences.

We reach an age where we are sent off to school to get an education and there begins the drudgery of 20 odd years where we are ‘apparently’ learning.

But really, what is actually happening is that we are gathering information for 20 years without actually figuring how we are going to be applying it anywhere.

If we were to quote Napoleon Hill from Think and Grow Rich, ” The word education is derived from the Latin Word Educo, which means to draw out from within”.

No one is against education obviously, it has it’s own place, but along with education, it is also important to understand that more than what education gives you it is about what you take from the information you are being fed.

Education can take a leap by miles by inculcating the right attitude and mindset.

We go through life working, and getting things done, but without really understanding or thinking whether that is what we want.

What ends up happening is that when our legs are hanging in the grave, we end up regretting if we actually figured who we were and got the most out of life.

We came across a video by Bob Proctor who wrote the book 12 principles of success and is also one of the stars from The Secret where he was interviewed 42 years ago.

He mentions, “Most people do not know who they are, and it is surprising. When we talk about ourselves, we never am hand or am leg, or body is sick today. We say My Hand, My Leg, or My Body, but who am I?”

It is very interesting, he goes on to state that human beings are spiritual beings, who exist on three plains of understanding, we are spiritual creatures, we have an intellect and we live in physical bodies, but because we get so caught up with circumstances and the physical world, we let things outside of us control us.

We get an Education, Get A Job, or Start Our Business, Get Married, Have Kids, and Die. None of these are bad things, but how often do we ask ourselves the question, “Is this really me?” or whether all the people who are doing all that really know what they are doing.

And that is where we get fucked, we do not realize we are unhappy. We do not convince ourselves that this is what we want and if we do want something else, we think about our circumstances and do not chase that, thinking maybe in another life.

Here is what can change when we actually start studying ourselves

We get more clarity about what drives us.

We understand that what we need and what we want are two totally different things and start to work towards how we can get them.

We understand why what works for someone else might not necessarily work for us.

We figure, that we do not need to compromise on what we really want because that isn’t how the world works.

We start giving less importance to what others are up to and more energy to what we need to do.

We start living from within and intentionally start moving towards where we want to go and what we want to do.

When we actually begin to ask the question to ourselves about who we really are, we tend to realize what it is that we give our time and energy to and whether or not it works for us.

Knowing who we are, allows us to dream about possibilities and control our thoughts, which control our feelings and accordingly that helps us control our actions.

As human beings, we are all unique, and we are meant to stand out from others.

The Takeaway

It does not matter whether you are an entrepreneur or not. We are all unique and this post is more about understanding what makes us unique and who we are.

We are unlimited beings, and we can do or be anything we want. And all of it is achieved through the thoughts and the images we are holding in our mind.

Let’s take the example of anything that you see around you, anything manmade. Where do you think the idea was born? Somebody thought about it, they thought about it some more and then they kept imagining and visualizing it until it became clearer and boom, they created it.

There isn’t one thing around you right now that was not created in someone else’s mind, barring the trees, etc obviously.

Then why do we limit ourselves, why do we always think that we are not capable of something like that. We do so because we let situations outside of us control us and we add barriers and limits to what we think we can do without actually thinking about it.

Don’t do that.

Give it a thought, sit and study yourself, obviously don’t go mad with it, but seriously give it some thought. Find what makes you happy…

We find it tough in the most difficult of situations, but once we habituate ourselves, we open up the possibility that we have never imagined before.

And from there, our life starts to change.

Do you know who you are?

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