A Story of murder

Adnan Morbiwala
Jan 12, 2024


Gave me SAW type Vibes when I heard it first.

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“I was just sitting quietly when he came”, she said.

“I quickly picked up the racket and swung as hard as I could…immobilizing him”

I walked on to the carpet and saw him lying there motionless, so I picked him up and put him on the electric mesh…and saw him get electrocuted…slowly.

He was huge so it took some time, but by the time it was over only his charred remains could be found.

I finally heaved a sigh of relief…

Was sitting and listening to a friend this morning describing how efficiently she had managed to kill a mosquito using an electric racket.

Made me once more realize how often we hear things and imagine the worse scenario possible or how we hear something simple and exaggerate it using our minds.



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