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I came across this quote today, and it has stayed with me all day, and felt it would be a good thing to share the thoughts it provoked in me.

Coming from a place where I have internalized failure as being a part of being alive, it took me a while to realize you don’t need to be right always; You only need to be right once. (It’s so overtly obvious, that it covertly isn’t)

To quote Thomas Edison,” I have not failed, I have just found 1000 other ways it won’t work.”

It doesn’t matter if taking a step back helps you move forward 5 more, as long as you are moving ;):D

Your thoughts?

What is your favorite mantra?

Having been on both sides of the fence, here is what I have learned thus far.

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So, I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 14 years where the KPI’s are to be set by me, for myself, and my colleagues.

Over the past 4 years, due to a loss that led to a spiral at both my companies, I found myself suffering from a mental health crisis, where I was just short of a serious breakdown. Doing 12 hours a day, having a pre-planned schedule for stuff that I had set deadlines for. The more I read about success and hustles and self-made millions the more adamant I became to spend every waking hour being productive.

Go back to who you were before all that shit happened that dimmed your shine.

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While this might sound like a rant, I can assure you it is not.

This is more about untangling one's self from all the things they might have experienced in trying to make themselves better, which actually made them worse.

We live in an age, where we pressure ourselves way too much.

There was a time, where we used to be eager towards life and were excited to see what the future holds, and while this obviously does not apply to the vast majority of…

Ever too often, we do not even realize the damage we are doing to ourselves in the always switched-on bubble which we build around ourselves.

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It’s 5 am, the alarm goes off but you do not need it, because you have already woken up with a jolt and gotten under the shower to take a freezing bath.

5:15, you are all set, your workout clothes neatly left at the side of the bed. You put them on and drink your mandatory 1 liter of water, feeling great and fresh.

You head to the gym, your mobile phone handy, ready with your self-development podcast/audiobook making the time that you spend commuting to the gym the most productive it can be.

You hit the gym, crushing those…

The most successful entrepreneurs in the world hone these skills on a daily basis!

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Entrepreneurs are everywhere nowadays. Through all the posts and self-help gurus out there, Entrepreneurship has been portrayed as the promised land. It is how people find their calling etc.

If you were to break it down though, every person is an entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter whether you are working with someone or for yourself, being an entrepreneur means providing a solution to a problem.

“If you can successfully help people solve a problem you will be able to extract value from those using your solution”.


You will be surprised at the number of times you could’ve said no and reaped rewards.

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As human beings, we have unique personalities through which we are identified.

The two most powerful letters in the English vocabulary or the most powerful word in the English vocabulary. NO.

If you are an entrepreneur, we have this habit of seeing opportunity in every request or inquiry that comes our way.

It is only natural, considering that, we need the money, need to pay the bills, the staff, etc.

However, oftentimes those requests tend to stand in the way of the end goal.

We did the math on how much a bad customer retention strategy can cost a business, and the amount is huge!

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For every business, sales are what ultimately drive it. That is really the point of existing.

The general thought process usually is in the numbers. The more clients we acquire, the faster we grow.

Here is where it gets tricky, especially for new businesses, because in trying to acquire that many clients, they oftentimes fail to offer the service a customer expects when they buy from you.

A shocking statistic has emerged from some studies conducted over the years, revealing something crazy.

If we go way back to 1997, there was a report by the American Society for Quality Control, which found the following:

The customer was turned away by the indifferent attitude of company employees (68 percent)

The customer was dissatisfied…

Boxing made me realize something awesome about entrepreneurship and about myself as an entrepreneur.

I think the best analogy that one could associate with work, would be that of sport.

As a boxing fan, I have always been fascinated by the sport. I used to be glued to the TV if there was a big fight. I grew up watching Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis dominating the world with their skill and aggression.

That fascination led me to try it out at spaced out intervals in life.

My first stint with the sport.

When I was a kid, still in…

As a total believer in our ability to manifest what we want, here is how I have come to understand the concept after 10 years of experimenting with it.

We all have come across “the secret” by Rhonda Byrne at some point in our lives. When it launched it took the world by storm, advocating how one can transform their life simply by thinking good things.

It emphasized that if you were to visualize and hold something in your mind clearly enough it would become a reality for you.

At the time I first came across the book I was…

We lost, cried, fought-back, and rediscovered.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This past year has been a strange one, to say the least.

We were brought to a stand-still, by an unseen force. Something which we did not believe could ever happen had been cast upon us, and we were forced to retreat to the security of our own cocoons.

I could’ve said homes, and not cocoons, but the reason I said cocoons is because, for most of us, 2020 was a year that made us rediscover ourselves from a very primitive perspective.

We lost many people, we cried because we were helpless and eventually…

Adnan Morbiwala

I am a Writer and Content Creator along with being a digital growth strategist and event entrepreneur on the side.

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