Adnan Morbiwala
2 min readJul 6, 2020

For small and big businesses, if you are not pushing content, there is a chance you are missing out.

Traditionally, marketing activities were restricted to announcements from the brands — promoting a festive sale, launching a new product, etc.

With new players entering the market every day, brands were forced to compete for the audience’s preference and loyalty. It became imperative for brands to establish superiority and tell the consumer why they are the best choice in the market. While advertising is telling the consumer ‘we are the best’, content marketing strategy focuses on showing them ‘why we are the best’.

In other words, content marketing has become more crucial today than it has ever been. From the most premium brands to the smallest one, businesses are now resorting to content creation as a means to establish a leading position for themselves in the market.

Content Marketing, when teamed up with an optimized Website, On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO, can do wonders in amplifying your online presence.

But why is content marketing so important? How does it benefit small businesses?

Here are 7 reasons why content is the new mantra for successful marketing.

It helps understand who your customers really are.

It strengthens the connection with the consumer.

The new-age audience likes to discover content that adds value.

It forms the basis of all digital marketing solutions.

Content Marketing is cost-effective.

It gives the audience reasons to revisit.

It is an effective lead generation tool.

These are just a few snapshots of what content marketing can do for you, an in-depth understanding can help you get started right away.

The possibilities are endless, and so are the rewards that you reap from what you sow.

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