4 Lessons I learned from life.

Adnan Morbiwala
3 min readJun 29, 2020
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Of the past 3 decades in which I have been alive, the past decade probably was the most interesting and challenging.

I had started my first company at 18, an event management company called Pegasus Events, which was charging forward doing some massive stuff. I was making good money. Then in 2016, low and behold, I get adventurous and plan to take it one step further. I plan to do a massive music festival in Dubai, a decision that would change my life for the better and for the worse. For the better because I learned a lot from that experience and for the worse because I lost all the money I had made.

That year is when I lost my biggest strength as well, my dad passed away with a sudden onset of brain strokes. Obviously it all kind of got fucked up, business at Pegasus suffered because the team was focussed on The Great Mela ( Music Festival ). The Great Mela was successful, although not monetarily, and all of a sudden I found myself in a world of debt and a huge Vaccum caused by my father departing.

I was possibly at the lowest point in my life, self-confidence wise and I found that the bubble of flair which I had created around me had burst. That is when I started introspecting and noticing certain things that will stay with me forever.

People, including friends, will try to find cracks in your armor when the chips are down and you are vulnerable.

My mind is stronger than the hardest punch I can throw.

I realized that the angrier I got, the worse I felt. There exists a law of polarity where when you think good things, you feel good and where when you think bad things, you feel bad.

I realized that tiny steps make you go a mile in the long run, those who win put in their reps.

As I realized these things, I evolved as a person. I was someone who would probably come across as brash and arrogant in the years preceding 2016. But these experiences change you.

Given the current circumstances, we find ourselves in, the old me would’ve been frustrated, abusing alcohol and smoking a lot. Instead, I find myself grateful to wake up each morning and grateful for my family’s health and well being. I feel thankful for the learnings life has given me and being able to put those learnings to good use.

Each day, I find someone I haven’t connected with for a long time.

I thank the universe to help me forgive those who ever hurt me, and I hope they find it in their hearts to forgive me if I hurt them.

I am still here and I get better every day. Since the time that my thinking changed, Pegasus has started to pick up again. I have gone on to start my own digital marketing consultancy in Ting Tong Marketing which is going strong.

These things can happen to anyone, and I pray for those who find themselves in situations worse than this. What is most important is to keep moving forward, because we are just passing through and we better make the ride worthwhile, with both its UP’s and DOWN’s.



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